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ESDY Awards Eligibility

Individuals or entities that have promoted the principles of self determination which affected their own lives or the lives of others.

Principles of Self-Determination:

Freedom: The exercise of the same rights as all citizens. People with disabilities, with assistance when necessary, will establish where they want to live, with whom they want to live and how their time will be occupied. They do not have to trade their inalienable rights guaranteed under the Constitution for supports or services.

Authority: The control of whatever sums of money are needed for one’s own support, including the re-prioritizing of these dollars when necessary. This is accomplished through the development of an individual budget that “moves” with the person.

Support: The organization of these resources as determined by the person with a disability. This means that individuals do not receive “supervision” and “staffing”. Rather, folks with disabilities may seek companionship for support and contract for any number of discrete tasks for which they need assistance.

Responsibility: The wise use of public dollars. Dollars are used as an investment in a person’s life and not handled as resources to purchase services or slots. Responsibility includes the ordinary obligations of American citizens and allows individuals to contribute to their communities in meaningful ways.

Confirmation: Affirming the central role a person has in leadership and change. This means an individual is a leader with self-determination and spreads the word to others. The individual does everything he/ she can do to educate and mentor others to help them take control of the important decisions in their lives.  Some ways of doing this may include serving on boards and committees of disability organizations.


What to Include:

  1. Nominations should explain how the nominee demonstrates excellence in Principles of Self Determination by accomplishing one or more of the five Principles described on the left.
  2. Nominations should be detailed and specific, providing examples of merit wherever possible.
  3. Current Picture of the Nominee


  • Completed nominations are due by 5:00 p.m. on August 31, 2018.
  • Send application to Pennie Chappell, MEORC, 1 Avalon Road, Mt. Vernon, Ohio, 43050 or Email to
  • The Selection Committee will hold all nominations in confidence. Please do not tell the person they are being nominated!!!